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Transform yourself, inspire others.

                                       ~ Prasad Rangnekar


Yoga B Classes

Offering traditional Hatha Yoga classes.
Hatha Yoga strengthens, stretches and balances us from head to toe.   The class approach is systematic, gently mobilising the joints then moving into asana practice. Asana naturally strengthens the body, harmonises the nervous system, and increases self awareness and acceptance of body and its limitiations.   

Taking it out of the Studio


Hiking into beautiful Ham Tin, Tai Long Wan, one of Hong Kong's most spectacular beaches.  The studio becomes the great outdoors, free of mirrors and walls. 

Speedboat, hike, one hour of traditional Hatha yoga on the beach followed by a local vegan lunch.  


The word "Guru" is Sanskrit for "teacher".  


Yoga has a strong moral code by which, if you follow and study with devotion under the guidance of a guru, the path to expanding your consciousness, awareness and bliss opens before you.

My two gurus, Prasad Rangnekar and YoYo Yu, have guided and continue to guide me on a journey of self acceptance and self transformation.  























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